Unit 12 Fantasy | Down the Rabbit Hole | Language Development Class 11 | Compulsory English by Suraj Bhatt



Unit 12 Fantasy | Down the Rabbit Hole | Language Development Class 11 | Compulsory English by Suraj Bhatt
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Unit 12 Fantasy | Down the Rabbit Hole | Language Development Class 11 | Compulsory English by Suraj Bhatt

Fantasy: Down the Rabbit Hole


A. Find the meanings of the following words and phrases from a dictionary and make sentences by using them.

a. peep into


Meaning: to peer, glimpse, or glance into something quickly, shyly, or inconspicuously.

Sentence: He peeped into his bag to find his gifts.

b. pop down


Meaning: to go someplace very quickly or briefly that is either on a lower level or is some indeterminate distance away.

Sentence: He popped down the next side to meet his girlfriend. 

c. remarkable


Meaning: worthy of being remarked or noted; notable

Sentence: His tasks for the welfare of people is remarkable.

d. hedge


Meaning: a thicket of bushes or other shrubbery, especially one planted as a fence between two portions of land, or to separate the parts of a garden.

Sentence: There is a river on the other side of the hedge.

e. wonder


Meaning: something that causes amazement or awe; a marvel.

Sentence: I always wonder about that guy.

f. tumble


Meaning: a fall, especially end over end

Sentence: He tumbled down in the sloppy hill.

g. doze off


Meaning:  to fall asleep unintentionally.

Sentence: My brother was dozing off when I arrived. 

h. earnestly


Meaning: in an earnest manner; being very sincere; putting forth genuine effort.

Sentence: He works at his office earnestly. 

i. tiny


Meaning: very small

Sentence: I give much importance to tiny things.

j. creep


Meaning: to move slowly with the abdomen close to the ground.

Sentence: The insects creep on the ground.

B. Match the words below with their opposites.

1. beginning 》vi. ending

2. stupid 》 iv. clever

3. natural 》 v. artificial

4. disappointment 》i. happiness

5. ignorant 》 ii. educated

6. anxiously 》 i. calmly


a. What did Alice do while her sister was reading a book?


Alice became tired of sitting and watching picture books and conversation books. She fell asleep while her sister was reading a book.

b. Why did Alice run across the field after the Rabbit?


Alice ran across the field after the rabbit because she had never seen such a rabbit with a waistcoat pocket and a watch in it. She became quite curious to know about it.

c. Why didn't she like to drop the jar? What did she do with it?


She didn't like to drop the jar out of fear of killing somebody underneath. She managed to put it into one of the cupboards.

d. What idea came to her mind when she saw a tiny golden key?


When she saw a tiny golden key, the idea of opening one of the doors came to her mind.

e. What was written on the bottle that she found? Did she follow what it said?


There was a label with the words "Drink Me" on the bottle that she found. Yes, she followed what it said.

f. Alice was fond of pretending to be two people. Who were they?


The two people were 'Alice' herself.

g. Why did she want to eat the cake that she found?


She wanted to eat the cake that she found because she wanted to get into the garden, no matter whether the cake made her grow bigger or smaller.

B. Put these sentences in the right order as they happen in the story.

a. Alice ate a small cake, which said, ‘EAT ME’.

b. Alice found a small key and unlocked a very small door.

c. Alice fell down a rabbit hole.

d. Alice drank something from a bottle and got very small.

e. Alice tried to climb a table leg to get the key again.

f. Alice saw a White Rabbit and ran after him.


a. Alice saw a White Rabbit and ran after him.

b. Alice fell down a rabbit hole.

c. Alice found a small key and unlocked a very small door.

d. Alice drank something from a bottle and got very small.

e. Alice tried to climb a table leg to get the key again.

f. Alice ate a small cake, which said, 'EAT ME'.


a. “Down the rabbit hole” is a sort of writing called fantasy. On the basis of your reading of the story point out some special elements of this kind of writing? 


In literature, by fantasy, we mean the literary genre generally dealing with themes of magic and the supernatural, imaginary worlds and creatures, etc. Fantasy deals with fiction. Fiction includes those characters and events that couldn't exist in the real world or in life. A fantasy is an idea that has no basis in reality. It is quite far from reality and the real world. Fictional creations mainly cover people, events, and worlds that never existed or happened. We find such kinds of people, events, and worlds mainly in books' stories, films, or movies. For example, Frankenstein, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, etc.

We find magic as well as other supernatural elements in most fantasy creations. These creations use these elements as the main plot, theme, and setting. These creations mainly present a battle between good and evil, the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of life—birth, growth, death, etc.

In fantasy, we mostly meet characters from unbelievable places. The characters in fantasy are often amazing, with different unbelievable acts. In most fantasy creations, we find demons, ghosts, witches, fairies, princes, princesses, kings and queens, knights, dragons, talking animals, angels and devils, elves, cyclops, unicorns, etc. as major characters. These characters provide their audiences with thrilling experiences. In most fantasy creations, we find them set in a wizarding kingdom, in a magical forest, in mediaeval times, in a fantasy world, in heaven, or in a wizarding land in the afterlife. Most fantasy writers create their fantasy creations mainly depending on the major themes of honour, loyalty, finding a mysterious object, completing a quest, sacrificing something, etc.

b. Is it good to imagine of things which are not possible to achieve in reality? Explain. 


Yes, it is good to imagine things that are not possible to achieve in reality. In my opinion, imagining things to achieve something is the primary step for all. Everyone must imagine at first. Imagination is the first step that leads us towards success one day.

Most people in the world believe that imagination is not good and is far away from reality. But imagination makes people reach their goals. A man without imagination is useless. There is no progress in such a person's life. Those people who don't have imaginative power find and consider everything impractical in this world. For them, life never changes with wonderful results. But for imaginative people, imagination is the only way to grasp dreams in reality. Imagination is the basic step that shapes our hopes, actions, and behaviours.

I think imagination is one of the most important keys to success. It is a very useful tool through which people design their successful future. Imagination is a mental activity that is directly connected with daydreaming, wishing, and illusion. Any ambition, goal, plan, etc. of a person begins with the imagination. Later, the hard work of a person turns the imagination into reality. Nothing is impossible in this world. There is a need for effort. Many scientists in the world were supposed to be insane by people. But they brought impossible results to reality. Their imagination turned out to be real because of their dedicated contribution. They endured different insults from people but kept on working hard on their imagination.

Many facts in the world have shown as well as proved that a successful person creates a mental image of his goal at first and makes it real in very suitable steps.

The most important aspect is that he should be very clear about his imagination. His determination can lead him towards success. The task isn't easy, but it's not impossible either. Imaginative people can do their best if their visions are right. If we keep on trying our best with proper action, we can even achieve impossible things in our reality.

c. Do you talk to yourself when you are in a trouble? If yes, how does it help you?


Yes, I talk to myself when I'm in trouble. It helps me in various ways. This habit of talking helps me at times when I'm too perplexed about my things' exact locations. When I'm unable to find important things, I start talking to myself while searching. This habit helps me find my things easily. Next, at times of trouble, this habit helps me to decide the plans immediately to get rid of it or find solutions. This habit really works in times of crisis. This habit of talking has saved me many times. Similarly, in a time of intensely fearful situations, this habit allows you additional options to get rid of trouble. This habit engages our minds and makes us active and sharp. Due to this habit, one gets motivated most of the time. It reminds us of those things that are more important in our lives. We keep on focusing on the things that should be accomplished. Thus, this habit keeps our minds quite attentive and keeps us more secure in many situations.


a. Narrate, in short, a folktale that you have read or heard.


      A Poor Boy and His Helping Nature

A long time ago, there was a village named Tekanpur. A poor boy lived in that village whose name was Ram. He had a very old house. He was living there alone. His parents had died many years before. He even didn't have any relatives. He was the only son of his parents. He was so poor, but very kind. He believed in helping others. He became an orphan at the age of 10. Despite his poverty, he got a fine prize from a princess because of his courage. One day, while he was crossing his village’s woods, he met a princess. She seemed so nervous. When he asked her the reason behind her nervousness, she replied that a tiger was chasing her to kill her. After some time, the tiger appeared in front of Ram. He didn't seem afraid to see the tiger ahead. With full courage, he fought with the tiger. Finally, the tiger ran away. He saved the princess's life. He took the princess to her palace, where he got prizes and appreciation. The king was quite delighted to know about Ram's courage. He also offered to marry the princess. Ram accepted the proposal of the king. After that, Ram lived his remaining life in a very luxurious way. He was quite satisfied to spend his life in the palace with his beautiful wife.

Moral: We need to help those who are in need.

b. Describe a strange dream that you have seen recently.


                      A Nightmare 

Last night, I had a terrible dream about unknown people. Actually, last night I slept quite late. After finishing my movie at 3 a.m., I slept. After sleeping, I saw myself at a party with my friends. I saw all of my friends there in a semidark hall. They were dancing to hip-hop songs. I became so happy to see them and moved towards them. When I got closer to my friends, I noticed that they were unknown people with ugly faces. Each of them was carrying terrible weapons. When they saw me, they became quite furious and kept chasing me to chop me down. I escaped from that place and moved towards the dense forest. I was so scared in the forest too because they were searching for me with torchlights everywhere. I hid myself in the bushes, but in the meantime, I cried loudly to see a black snake that passed beside me. They surrounded me from all sides. When they tried to chop me down with their knives, I cried loudly and also woke up in my room. Actually, I don’t know the meaning of this dream, but it has a psychological reason. The cannibal movie that I saw last night was “Wrong Turn." It was a movie about terrible people who used to chop down people and eat their meat. While watching that movie, I was so scared. That’s why the same thing comes to mind in my dream.


B. Express your wishes in the following situations in three different ways. Use I wish/lf only:

a. You don't have a mobile phone (You need one).


: I wish my father would present me one.

: I wish I could buy a new mobile myself. 

: If only my friend brought one from abroad.

b. You don't know the answer of a question from the lesson.


: I wish my teacher would help me.

: If only I could know the answer.

: I wish somebody helped me to solve this.

c. You can't play the guitar.


: If only someone helped me to play it.

: I wish my friend would give me time to learn it.

: I wish I could play it myself.

d. It's cold.


: I wish I could drink hot coffee.

: I wish my friends would bring a bottle of rum.

: I wish my friends called me out for a movie.

e. You are feeling sick.


: I wish my friends would come to meet me.

: If only I could take medicine myself. 

: I wish my brother took me to the hospital. 

f. You live in a crowded city.


: I wish I lived away from this crowded city.

: If only they would take me away from this place.

:  I wish I could be in a peaceful country. 

g. You feel lonely.


: I wish my girlfriend would come here.

: I wish I could call all my friends. 

: If only I were with all my friends.

c. Rewrite the following sentences making correction if necessary.

a. I wish my father bought me a bike.


I wish my father bought me a bike.

b. I wish l would write poems.


I wish I could write poems.

c. I wish I  could remember her name.


I wish I could remember her name.

d. I wish I had a god job.


I wish I had a god job.

e. I wish I would be rich.


I wish I were rich.





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