Unit 11 Arts and Creations | Why is the Renaissance Important? | Language Development | Compulsory English by Suraj Bhatt



Unit 11 Arts and Creations | Why is the Renaissance Important? | Language Development | Compulsory English by Suraj Bhatt
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Unit 11 Arts and Creations | Why is the Renaissance Important? | Language Development| Compulsory English by Suraj Bhatt

Arts and Creations: Why is the Renaissance Important?


A. Circle the correct meanings of the underlined words.

a. Martin Luther started a revolt against the conventions of the Roman Catholic Church.

i. styles ii. creations ii. customs  iv. writings


ii. Customs

b. It blended classical styles with new ideas.

i. separated ii. corrected ii. put side by side iv. mixed together


iv. mixed together

c. The dome marks the beginning of Renaissance architecture.

i. indicates ii. tells ii. serves as a sign of iv. makes


iii. serves as a sign of

d. The arts flourished during the Renaissance.

i. were almost forgotten ii. grew and improved ii. discovered iv. stayed about the same


ii. grew and improved

e. The new passion for learning also led to amazing discoveries in science.

i.enthusiasm ii. emotion ii. logic iv. power


i. enthusiasm

C. What do the following idioms mean? Use them in sensible sentences.

a. a hot potato


Meaning: a controversial issue or situation which is awkward to deal with.

Sentence: Let's stop talking about Muslims because it can be a hot potato.

b. once in a blue moon


Meaning: something extremely rare in occurrence

Sentence: I see him once in a blue moon because he is not sociable.

c. a bed of roses


Meaning: used in reference to a situation or activity that is comfortable or easy.

Sentence: The task of porter is not a bed of roses. 

d. when pigs fly


Meaning: used to say that one thinks that something will never happen.

Sentence:  They will join our party when pigs fly.

e. miss the boat


Meaning: fail to take advantage of an opportunity.

Sentence: They have missed the boat in their company. 

f. zip your lip


Meaning: to stop taking

Sentence: If you don't zip your lif, you get into trouble.

g. fight tooth and nail


Meaning: fight or argue with energy and determination.

Sentence: They are going to fight tooth and nail for their rights.

h. when life gives you lemon, make lemonade


Meaning: make the best out of a difficult situation.

Sentence: She tried to live by the motto ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’

i. goose egg


Meaning: a zero score in a game.

Sentence: They got goose egg in that tournament. 

D. Match the folloWing phrasal verbs with their meanings.

1. break down 》xi. to stop functioning (vehicle, machine)

2. check out  》 ix. to leave a hotel

3. fed up 》 vii. tired of something or someone

4. fill out 》xii. to complete a form

5. get away 》x. to escape

6. give away 》viii. to give something to someone for free

7. give up 》ii. to quit a habit

8. look forward to 》 vi. to wait anxiously for something or an event

9. make up 》 ii. to invent a story or lie

10. pass away 》 v. to die

11. put out 》 i. to extinguish (fire)

12. take off 》 iv. to remove clothes or shoes from the body, to depart as in airplane


A. Answer these questions:

a. What does the word Renaissance mean? Which language is it derived from?


The word Renaissance means "rebirth' or 'revival'. It is derived from the French language.

b. What did the Greek scholars do in their new locations after leaving the Greek city?


The Greek scholars taught Greek and shared their precious books in their new locations. 

c. How did 'new learning' teach people to think in different ways?


'New learning' taught people to think in different ways by encouraging gifted people to paint pictures, make statues and buildings, and write great literature.

d. Describe the artistic developments of Renaissance in brief.


The artistic developments of the Renaissance first appeared in the Italian city of Florence, and then they spread to other Italian cities. As a result of trade and banking, cities like Florence, Venice, and Milan became very wealthy, and their rich citizens had both the time and money to enjoy music, art, and poetry. These cities produced great painters and sculptors, like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael. These artists created some of history's finest works of art.

e. Name the three Renaissance scientists who made great discoveries?


The three Renaissance scientists who made great discoveries are as follows:

1. Galileo

2. Kepler

3. Newton

f. Who developed the printing press? Which country was he from?


Johannes Gutenberg developed the printing press. He was from Germany.

g. Why is the development of the printing press considered as one of the gifts of Renaissance?


The development of the printing press is considered one of the gifts of the Renaissance because it brought unprecedented changes in the publication of books on various subjects. It helped to make the works of the best writers and all kinds of knowledge available to all.

h. Name the five famous explorers of the Renaissance?


The five famous explorers of the Renaissance were:

1. Columbus

2. Vasco de Gama

3. Cabot

4. Magellan

5. Drake

i. Why do some people think of the Renaissance as the beginning of modern history?


Some people think of the Renaissance as the beginning of modern history because the advancements of the Renaissance, from printing to the discovery of new lands, affected almost every area of European life. It formed the basis for many parts of our modern lives and beliefs.

B.What do you infer from the reading? Tick (✔) the best answer.

a. Before the Renaissance...

i. middle-class people did a lot of reading.

ii. education was limited to scholars and privileged people.

iii. people wanted to change their lives but couldn't.

iv. people were eager to learn new things.


i. education was limited to scholars and privileged people.

b. Which statement is true?

i. The Greeks had a strong influence on Renaissance thinking.

ii. France was the birthplace of the Renaissance.

ii. Turkish scholars spread their knowledge throughout Europe.

iv. German philosophers were responsible for starting the Renaissance.


i. The Greeks had a strong influence on Renaissance thinking.

c. What did the Renaissance do?

i. It helped leaders maintain control over the middle class.

ii. It discouraged people to go against traditional beliefs.

ii. It caused people to make changes in their lives.


ii. It caused people to make changes in their lives.

d. What were the major causes of the Renaissance?

i. changes in government

ii. explorations of new lands

ii. new artists and writers who created great works

iv. printing, reading and learning


iv. printing, reading and learning


a. Do you agree with Machiavelli's view that a good leader can do bad and dishonest things in order to preserve his power and protect his government? Explain. 


Yes, I agree with Machiavelli's view. According to him, a good leader can do bad and dishonest things in order to preserve his power and protect his government. Here in this world, we have heard about various instances of good leadership and even their bad ways of governance. Even a good leader can change his mind and choose the wrong way to misuse his powers for the sake of his position. Most leaders turn out to be evil after gaining political power and wealth. Those leaders involve themselves in doing dishonest things against the people. For them, their government, as well as their position, becomes much more important than anything else.

No one desires to lose their position or power. His position and its security have become quite essential for him. When a leader involves himself in doing dishonest things, he doesn't care about established rules. He involves himself in breaking the rules. He believes only in securing his position by hooking and crooking. The overall effect is seen in his governance. He doesn't care about others' problems. In a time of crisis, his main concern is the security of his position. To secure it, he keeps making mistakes time and again.

Those leaders whose main goal is limited to seeking power, wealth, and fame only think about themselves. Due to this pursuit, they forget their duties and try to break their moral standards. Most leaders in the world have gained this height in their lives by destroying the lives of others. At the top position, they have the fear of losing their position, and they start choosing the wrong way to commit misdeeds.

Everyone needs to ask themselves the real purpose of choosing leadership. If their answer is the misuse of power, they should forsake this desire because the final consequences of their leadership are so risky and destructive. They have to face disasters in the end.

b. Do you think that art and literature are important assets of a country? Give reasons.


Yes, I think that art and literature are important assets for a country. Art and literature are both essential for any country. They are so valuable to any nation because they contain social, cultural, and economic values. Art and literature represent the identity of the nation as well as its citizens.

Both art and literature help the citizens of the country by providing them with various knowledge regarding their heritage. Art teaches people the way of living, whereas literature helps in managing different aspects of life. Art and literature always serve the citizens of a nation by helping them in their struggle for a better and more prosperous life. They arouse the people's emotions against oppression and injustice and increase their sensitivity regarding the people's sufferings.

Art and literature determine the overall aspects of a country. They carry cultural and social values that allow people to interact with each other and bring about social change. In every aspect of life, both art and literature move on simultaneously. These are the real assets that make the lives of people move on righteous paths full of moral standards.


a. Write an essay on “Literature is the reflection of society.”


       Literature is the reflection of society

This statement, "Literature is the reflection of society," is quite famous. Literature itself is also called the "mirror of society." Literature really reflects society, its good values, and its evils. In its remedial work, literature reflects the evils of society and intends to make society realise its mistakes and make amends. It also displays the virtues or good values in society for the people to emulate. Literature is an imitation of human action. It often reflects a picture of what people think, say, and do in society. In literature, we find stories designed to depict human life and action through certain characters, whose words, actions, and reactions convey certain messages for education, information, and entertainment. It is impossible to find a work of literature that excludes the attitude, morale, and values of society because no writer is fully exposed to the world around him. What writers of literature do is take real-life events in their society into fiction and present it to society as a mirror with which people can view themselves and make amends where necessary. Thus, literature is not only a reflection of society but also acts as a corrective mirror in which the members of society can look at themselves and find out the need for positive change. It is necessary to take a closer look at some works of literature in order to understand how literature really reflects society.

b. It is said that today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader. Do you agree with this statement? Explain. 


Yes, I agree with this statement that today's reader is tomorrow's leader. There is no doubt in this statement. As we know, reading is one of the essential sources that develop our intellectual standards. It is an art that improves our skills and provides us with broad knowledge of various aspects.

The fluency of one's language is determined by the quality of reading.  In addition, vocabulary enrichment, idea collection, familiarity with a variety of writing formats, fluency of speech, etc., all depend on reading.

A reader always finds something important to engage himself or herself with. His or her reading habit never lets him be alone or bored. Books provide him/her with an immense amount of those things that are helpful to understand the world. He or she finds himself or herself at a higher level of his or her life.

Books make people wise and active. Through books, people learn every aspect of life. Their minds grasp all those things that lead them to a higher position. Reading books helps you reach a perfect goal.

Books are the source of knowledge. Thus, if we want to be leaders in the future, we have to spend time reading books on different topics. This habit of the present time will surely lead us to a higher position one day.

c. Write a short biography of a national literary, artistic or historical figure you appreciate most.


                Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Laxmi Prasad Devkota is one of the most popular figures in Nepal. He is well known for his literary works. He has gained name and fame both at the national and international level due to his popular literary creations.

Laxmi Prasad Devkota was born on Kartik 27, 1966 B.S. He was born in a place called Dhobidhara, in Kathmandu, Nepal. His respected parents were Teel Madhav Devkota and Amar Rajya Lakshmi Devi. Laxmi Prasad Devkota got his basic education from his father, who was a teacher by profession. Later, he completed his formal education at Durbar High School. For his further studies, he moved to India and completed his matriculation and graduation in Patna. He started his career as a lawyer after his graduation. But later on, he started his job in Nepal at Bhasaanuwad Parishad.

He was the first literary figure in Nepal who was recognised as a romantic poet. He was the person who started the trend of Romanticism in literature. The introduction of epic poems in Nepali literature was also introduced by him. In the matter of creativity and innovation, he was quite ahead. He contributed a lot to the Nepali literary language by starting various innovations.

He was the writer of the epic Muna Madan in the year 1930 in a folk tone. His creation is still quite popular, not only in Nepal but also in many other countries. Muna Madan is the best-selling book in the history of Nepali literature. The epic has depicted the hardships of contemporary society's people. Its story has also focused on the issue of caste discrimination in contemporary Nepali society. His most poetic creations were influenced by great English Romantic poets like Wordsworth and Coleridge. He is also considered the father of the modern Nepali essay. He died on September 14, 1959, due to cancer.


B. Complete the following sentences with correct relative pronouns and write whether the clauses are defining or non-defining.

a. That's the house..........I was born.


That's the house where I was born.

: Defining relative clause

b. My aunt Nita, …… a journalist, is coming to visit next week.


My aunt Nita, who is a journalist, is coming to visit next week.

: Non-defining relative clause.

c. People …… like outdoor activities will love our holidays.


People who like outdoor activities will love our holidays.

: Defining relative clause

d. The early 1960s, …… the Beatles first started, was a very exciting time in pop culture.


The early 1960s, when the Beatles first started, was a very exciting time in pop culture.

: Non-defining relative clause

e.  My essay on Shakespeare, …… I found quite difficult, got a really good mark in the end.


My essay on Shakespeare, which I found quite difficult, got a really good mark in the end.

: Non-defining relative clause

f. The Mayans, …… lived in Central America, built many stunning temples.


The Mayans, who lived in Central America, built many stunning temples.

: Non-defining relative clause 

g. That's the girl …… brother is in your class.


That's the girl whose brother is in your class. 

: Defining relative clause 

h. The snake …… was in the garden last week belongs to our next-door neighbor.


The snake that was in the garden last week belongs to our next-door neighbor.

: Defining relative clause 

C. Join the following pairs of sentences.

a. He is a musician. His albums have sold millions.


He is a musician whose albums have been sold millions.

b. Amelia speaks English and Chines fluently. She is from Shanghai.


Amelia, who is from Shanghai, speaks English and Chinese fluently.

c. That's the stadium. Real Madrid plays there.


That's the stadium where Real Madrid plays.

d. Dublin is my favourite city. It is the capital of Ireland.


Dublin is my favourite city which is the capital of Ireland.

e. The person was really helpful. They spoke to him.


The person, to whom they spoke, was really helpful.

f. This smartphone takes great photos. I bought it last week.


This smartphone, which I bought last week, takes great photos.





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