Unit 3 Media and Society | Social Media: Its Influence and Control over People's Lives | Language Development Class 11Compulsory English by Suraj Bhatt



NEB Grade 11 Language Development | Unit 3 Media and Society | Social Media: Its Influence and Control over People's Lives | Compulsory English by Suraj Bhatt
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NEB Grade 11 Class 11 Language Development | Unit 3 Media and Society | Social Media: Its Influence and Control over People's Lives | Compulsory English by Suraj Bhatt

Media and Society Social Media: It's Influence and Control over People's Lives

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A. Find the words from the text that have the following meanings.

a. a personal or corporate website

Answer: blog

b. a job requiring expertise in a particular field

Answer: Profession 

c. a feeling of sadness

Answer: disappointment 

d. put under custody

Answer: detained

e. found guilty

Answer: convicted

f. breaking or disregarding rules or system

Answer: violating 

g. advantages and disadvantages

Answer: pros and cons

h. a non-statutory monetary penalty

Answer: amercement



B. Study the underlined phrases in the following sentences.

Perhaps some people think about the media that makes them able to meet and communicate with people around the world.

When you want to listen to music or watch a music video from your favourite singer you can go to YouTube.

These are prepositional verbs. A prepositional verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition. It is simply a verb followed by a preposition (prepositional verb = verb + preposition). 

Now, use the following prepositional verbs in sentences.

apologize to: 

The students apologize to their teacher for their mistake.

adapt to:

She doesn't adapt to this new climate.


devote to:

The disciples are quite devoted to their teachers.

refer to:

Ram referred the matter to the principal. 

reply to:

He is too quick in reply to the teacher's questions.

admire for:

Teachers admire him for his study.

apply for:

We have to apply for this new vacant post.

pray for:

All of us keep praying for our good results. 

scold for:

Police scold me for wandering outside at midnight. 

vote for:

We'll have to vote for right candidate this time.

aim at:

We are aiming at our future goals. 

arrive at:

Sheila arrive at school unexpectedly. 

glance at:

They take a quick glance at the answers.

look at:

He looks at me with lovable feelings. 

bring up:

He has been brought up by his aunty.

agree on:

The leaders agree on a new proposal.

comment on:

He rudely comments on her dress.

concentrate on:

We should concentrate on our teacher's words.

rely on:

Pets always rely on human beings. 

count on:

I count on your immense support. 

grow up:

He grows up there in London.

escape from:

He often escapes from prison. 

recover from:

He recovers from long-term illness.

resign from:

John resign from his new job.

suffer from:

He is suffering from cancer.

separate from:

We never get separated from each other. 

worry about:

They don't seem worrying about their exams.

argue about:

They sometimes argue about the the same issue.

boast about:

He is boasting about his prosperity each time.

dream about: 

Ramy dreams about his bright future.

acquaint with: 

We are acquainted with our English teacher.

agree with: 

They can't agree with this nonsensical idea.

charge with:

He is charged with a crime of robbery. 

trust with:

They trust me with their feelings. 

confuse with:

His acts always confuse me with puzzles.

believe in:

We always believe in the existence of God.

involve in:

The boys get involved in fighting. 

succeed in:

The mission get succeeded in final attempt. 

specialize in:

The doctor specializes in tough operations.

absorb in:

He absorbs himself in his reading tasks.




A. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words/phrases from the text.

a. People are using social media for individual as well as.........…… purposes.



b. Social media is not only a platform of sharing views, but also a platform of……..................


finding jobs

c. The hospital wanted Prita to pay Rp. 100 million for …….......................


immaterial losses

d. Some singers organized …......… to help Prita.


charity concert

e. The campaign to help Prita was able to collect Rp. …................


825 million

B. Answer these questions:

a. How do you define social media?


I define social media as an interactive form of media that allows users to interact with and publish to each other, generally using the Internet.

b. Social media has been an integral part of modern life. How?


Social media has been an integral part of modern life as it provides us with an opportunity to communicate with people around the world, send and receive information, get many updates from people whom we follow, and be a part of a new marketing strategy.

c. Why do people use Facebook and YouTube?


People use Facebook to keep in touch with faraway relatives and friends, share photos and information, and get news updates. Next, people use YouTube to get news updates as well as entertainment.

d. What is a blog? How can it be beneficial to us?


A blog is an informational website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, sometimes letting readers comment on their posts. It can be beneficial to us, as it provides us with a chance to share our ideas.

e. Was Prita’s intention bad when she sent a message to her friends?


No, Prita's intention wasn't bad at all. She just tried to remind her friends to be more selective in choosing the hospital and to be more careful in accepting many kinds of services.

f. How did Prita's message become a big problem?


Prita's message became a big problem as her friend shared it on a website (The People's Forum), which was read by so many readers who commented about the hospital's issue.

g. Why was she convicted by the court?


She was convicted by the court because she was found to be violating the law about using ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

h. What was the purpose of the campaign, “Bantu Bebaskan Prita”?


The purpose of the campaign “Bantu Bebaskan Prita" was to collect the money to help Prita so that she could pay the allowance.

i. How are people stronger than social media?


People are stronger than social media, as they can easily think before they act and think before they speak.




a. Does social media have positive impact in the society? Discuss. 


Yes, social media has a positive impact on society. But there are some negative impacts too. Social media refers to interactive forms of media that allow users to interact with and publish to each other, generally utilising the Internet.

In the present world, millions of people are using social media in their lives. Social media has made the connection between people possible. People are using social media with different intentions. Most people use it with good intentions, whereas some are misusing it.

We find both positive and negative impacts of social media on different sectors such as society, education, business and marketing, medicine, agriculture, banking, the share market, etc.

In the present world, social media has brought unprecedented results into people's lives. It has brought people so close, no matter how far they live. Apart from its negative impacts, if we talk about its positive impacts, we find various positive aspects of social media. Social media has become a means of connecting people around the world. In the present time, it is quite easy for anyone to get connected with anybody living in any part of the world. With the help of social media, we can easily get news about the world, views of people around the world, information, entertainment, help and support, etc.

In today's world, access to social media has made the entire world a global village. We find people's connections around the globe. We can easily be connected to different people and share our information. People get financial and moral support from getting connected with a large number of people.

With the help of social media, people around the world are running different campaigns to help needy people. People have changed their lives in the world of social media. Social media has become a means of unity and cooperation. People get support from different places through social media. It helps us get news updates on a variety of issues within and across the world. People who work for the welfare of people, as well as those who are social activists, also get support and encouragement for their social work on social media. They feel good to get support from people. This support encourages them to be more dedicated to social work, and they become more and more popular. People use social media to share their culture, religion, traditions, and so on. Social media has created a kind of respect among people for each other's language, culture, and tradition.

b. How do you compare virtual communication and face-to-face communication? 


Virtual communication is a kind of communication that includes the use of social networking sites that allow audio and video call facilities to communicate with people who are not physically present in front of us. In this type of communication, people can be seen as well as heard, no matter how far they live. With the help of this type of communication, we can get connected with people across the world.

Face-to-face communication refers to the interaction between two or more people where everyone is in direct contact with each other. It is also known as personal communication because people, through this type of communication process, can send and receive key information one-on-one.




a. There are different schools of thought regarding social media. Some people see the benefits while others see problems in them. What are your observations? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of social media giving your position in it. 


Social media is an interactive form of media that allows users to interact with and publish to each other, generally utilising the Internet. In the present time, people are busier using different platforms of social media. In a real sense, social media has become an integral part of their lives. People have been using social media for decades, especially for various purposes. These platforms have become successful in connecting millions of people around the world. People in the world are getting a lot of benefits from its usage.

In the past decade, there has been excessive use of social media. Facebook and Twitter have grown much faster and captured millions of users in just a few years. The way technology is growing, it is clear that more and more people are going to grasp its benefits. It has brought a lot of advantages to society.

From developed nations to underdeveloped nations, every nation is utilising the power of social media to enhance life and use it for the welfare of its people. Through social media, people around the world have connectivity. Social media helps us in various ways:

▪︎  Students and teachers are using it in teaching and learning activities.

▪︎  We get help from a large group of the community on any issue.

▪︎ It helps us stay updated on current affairs and news.

▪︎  Social media helps us promote our brand and business.

▪︎  It helps us collect funds for social services.

▪︎  It helps to make people aware of various issues.

▪︎  It helps to improve business skills.

▪︎  It helps to fight against crimes, and so on.

However, on the other hand, it has also negatively affected society. Most people have become victims of cyberbullying, such as spreading scams and fake news and creating fake accounts. Personal data and privacy are hacked easily. By making us addicted to it, our personal lives are distracted. People are cheated and victimized by different social crimes. People cheat in their relationships. It has caused suicides because of harassment and blackmailing.

Just like anything that can be used for both good and bad, social media has also provided negative and positive ways for people. It is all about the usage and getting things done positively by using the power of social media. It is in the hands of the user to use it to its advantage. But willingly or unwillingly, it can still have negative impacts on the users. In my case, I am quite satisfied with the use of social media. I can connect with different people, and I have the opportunity to identify who I am. I also get news updates and references for my profession to develop my career. I am using it positively for my personal and social development.

b. What is cyberbullying? What are its effects? How can it be stopped? 


Cyberbullying is the act of harassment in the form of digital media or devices. It is a modern term for maltreatment that emerged with the rise of the internet and mobile devices. Cyberbullying takes place on digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. It can take the form of texts through SMS, online chat forums, social networking sites, and gaming forums. Acts such as posting, sending, or sharing negative content that is harmful, mean, or obscene define cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can also take the form of illegal physical activities and unlawful behaviour. The internet is the place where cyberbullying is most common. Social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, to name a few, are the most common sites for cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying leads to an increase in stress, and along with this, it increases anger in a person. People used to feel frustrated. Sometimes they have to suffer depression, and because of this, they will start favouring isolation, as most of the time they do, by including harmful activities like drugs and alcohol. Most of the victims of cyberbullying feel alone as they have a fear of sharing the information they have feared talking with a stranger. The victims used to fight and hurt themselves. Students who are suffering from cyberbullying are not interested in attending the classes as they don't feel comfortable because of the embarrassment and humiliation between their fellow students, which results in a negative impact on their results. Sometimes, apart from the mental and physical effects, the effects of cyberbullying can ruin the health of the victim. He might get ill or suffer from diseases like headaches and depression, and sometimes, by skipping meals, he may go through stomach problems and other diseases. Sometimes, because of the high effect of cyberbullying, a victim can also attempt suicide, and some people who can't tolerate this type of situation feel like the best option to end all the problems is suicide.

Cyberbullying is a serious issue, as it is very difficult for the person who is suffering from it. Now it is the duty of that person who is going through this situation to know how to handle it by sharing the problem with their close ones. Victims must be identified, and family members should support them.

Every teacher in schools or colleges should provide awareness to their students about cyberbullying and other negative effects of social media. All the students should feel free to consult their teacher and parents about this serious issue. There are various laws established in the country because of the increase in cybercrime. Many countries have launched many laws, rules, and regulations against cyberbullying. The rules are designed to protect the victims and keep the case information confidential. We find varieties of government awareness programmes that inform people of cyberbullying. In cases of cyberbullying, people must be alert and cooperate, as well as support the victims who are suffering through this serious situation.




B. Complete the following sentences using the correct prepositions of direction: to, toward, onto, or into.

a. Prem drove Milan...........the airport


Prem drove Milan to the airport.

b. The plane landed............the runway.


The plane landed onto the runway.

c. The kids climbed...............the monkey bars.


The kids climbed onto the monkey bars.

d. Manish and Richa moved the table...........the dining room.


Manish and Richa moved the table into the dining room.

e. Ganesh almost fell..............the river.


Ganesh almost fell into the river.

f. Lalit and Sarita took the bus that was heading..............the university.


Lalit and Sarita took the bus that was heading toward the university.

c. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition from the brackets:

a. While we were hiking .......... the forest, we saw a mountain lion. (across/ through/along/under)


While we were hiking through the forest, we saw a mountain lion.

b. The leopards walked in a circle .......... the baby giraffe before they attacked (into/towards/round/through)


The leopards walked in a circle round the baby giraffe before they attacked

c. Go .............. the building and turn left. (into/up/off/out of)


Go out of the building and turn left.

d. She ran ........... home when she was eighteen.(towards/away from/down/ across)


She ran away from home when she was eighteen.

e. Raindrops ran .............. the windscreen making it difficult to see the road. (into/up/down/over


Raindrops ran down the windscreen making it difficult to see the road.

f. Hemanta put the plate ............ the table and began to eat his dinner. (onto/ into/up/off)


Hemanta put the plate onto the table and began to eat his dinner.

g. The frightened deer disappeared ............ the forest. (up/onto/into/toward)


The frightened deer disappeared into the forest.

h. We were driving .......... the City Centre when we had an accident. (up/into/ towards/along)


We were driving towards the City Centre when we had an accident.

i. The smoke from the fire went ........... into the sky. (into/up/to/onto)


The smoke from the fire went up into the sky.


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