First Term English Paper Class 11 | 2079 | Compulsory English Class 11 | Neb English Support

First Term English Paper Class 11 | 2079 | Compulsory English Class 11 | Neb English Support
Neb English Support 

First Term English Paper Class 11 | 2079 | Compulsory English Class 11 | Neb English Support

First Internal Examination (2079)



FM: 75         

PM:  30                                                                      


Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt ALL the Questions.

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: [15]

Many African mothers carry or nestle, their babies, especially on their backs. This particular custom has advantages for both mother and child. A working mother who has nobody to look after the baby at home knows he is safe on her back, while her hands are free for her work. Meanwhile, the baby also stays in close contact with his mother and feels warm and safe. This sense of security may suddenly be broken, however, when the child can no longer be carried. He may be put down and expected to behave like a grown-up child. But he has been over-protected for so long through nestling that he feels very insecure now and may behave like a baby.

Children really need freedom and the chance to use their limbs. They need to be able to observe and explore their environment. They also require to learn how to make and do things on their own. Therefore, even when mothers must carry their babies everywhere, they should try to set them free whenever possible. Moreover, during hot months, the less back-nestling the better.

Many women, however, prefer to carry their children all day long. They feel the children are safe, sleep longer, keep quieter and do not make a mess! Once, I visited a friend's home where the mama-nurse was nestling my friend's eleven-month-old child. Seeing he was restless, I asked the mama-nurse to put the baby down. At first, she didn't want to because she thought the child would make the room untidy. When she finally agreed I asked for some kitchen pots, spoons, unopened tins and boxes since there were no toys to play with. Immediately, the child started examining the things one by one. Then he started banging the pots and boxes with the spoons. The different sounds fascinated him. But mama-nurse didn't like the noise or the mess.

a. Find out the closest meanings of the following words. (5×1=5)

attracted, examine systematically, uneasy, not comfortable, liberation 

b. Confirm the following sentences whether True or False. (5×1=5)

i) Nestling babies on the back has advantages for both mother and child.

ii) The writer finds the mama-nurse restless.

iii) The baby seemed fascinated with the different sounds.

iv) Children need freedom and a chance to use their limbs.

v) During hot months, less back nestling is needed.

b. Answer the following questions: (5 × 1= 5)

(a) What is the advantage of carrying their babies on their backs for mothers and babies?

(b) Why does the child feel insecure when he is put down

(c) Why do many women prefer to carry their children all day long?

(d) Why did the mama-nurse refuse to put down her baby?

(e) How did the baby behave when he was put down and given some pots and other things?

2. Write short answers to the following questions. (5 x 2 =10)

a. Why was the giant furious at the beginning of the story? (The Selfish Giant)

b. Describe the woman depicted in the oval portrait. (The Oval Portrait)

c. How was Aksionov before marriage? (God Sees the Truth but Waits)

c. Why did the boy plan to play a terrible red carpet game? (The Wish)

d. What does the speaker say about this world and its people? (All the World's a Stage)

e. What do you mean by Oral Tradition? (Sharing Tradition)

Q2. Write long answers to the following questions. (2 × 5 =10)

a. Describe the giant and his castle? (The Selfish Giant)

b. Write the summary of the short story 'Two Little Soldiers'. (Two Little Soldiers)(T(wLittle Soldiers)

4. Describe a beautiful lady or a handsome man in about 150 words. (7)

5. Write a letter to your friend whom you haven't seen for a long time. Tell him/her about an interesting past event of your life in about 180 words. (8)

6. Write an interesting review of the movie you like most in about 300 words. (10)

7. Do as indicated in brackets and rewrite the sentences. (10 x 1=10)

a. They started talking with them politely. (Underline the adverb in the sentence)

b. Every book and note-book.................been turn by the little child. (has/have / haves)

c. You'll find our house.............the end of the next street. (Put the correct preposition in the blank)

d. Perhaps, he................join us at the party. (must / might, will) (Complete the sentence using the correct modal auxiliary verb from the bracket)

e. Many people in this locality..................... (don't/doesn't) have any idea about ethics. (Choose one form from the bracket to complete the sentence)

f. ..................(wherever, if, unless) you win first place, you will receive a prize. (Complete the sentence using the correct conjunction from the bracket)

g. Ram is my friend. He is in a red dress. (Change the sentence using a relative clause)

h. They publish all his books. ( Change into passive)

i. She said, "Would you join my group?"  (Use the reporting verb offer to change the sentence into indirect speech)

j. Open the window,...................? (Supply the correct Tag Question in the blank)

8. Do as instructed.  (5x1=5)

a. What is the stem word of the word "painful"?

b. Create a word using the prefix 'in'.

c. Rewrite the correct spelling of the following incorrect word: 


d. Which of the following sentences is correct?

i. John said he wants to visit America.

ii. John said, "he want to visit America."

iii. John said, "he wants to visit America."

iv. John said, "he wants to visit America.

e. Arrange the following words as per the order in a dictionary:

chant, faint, mist, past

                              The End

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