Of Mice and Men Lennie: Characterization of Lennie | Major English Class 11



Of Mice and Men Lennie: Characterization of Lennie | Major English Class 11
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Of Mice and Men Lennie: Characterization of Lennie | Major English Class 11

Of Mice and Men Lennie by John Steinbeck


Of Mice and Men Lennie 


Lennie Small is a migrant worker who is mentally handicapped. He is quite bigger and much stronger. He relies on his friend George most of the time. His caretaker, George, gives him advice and protects him in various situations that he doesn't understand. His tremendous strength and joy in raising soft animals are a dangerous combination. He shares a dream of owning a farm with George, but he does not understand the implications of that dream.

Lennie Small is a huge guy with a kid's mindset. Since he is mentally shorter than his appearance, it is up to George to survive and get out of trouble. Lennie is a very kind, loyal, and caring guy with a big heart. Lennie keeps on moving, according to George, and gives George something to live for. He doesn't like to create problems (for fear of not taking care of rabbits), and he likes to pet soft things like puppies or dead mice. He hurts the things he touches, but that doesn't mean that he intentionally does. It is because he doesn't know his own strength. He may not be mentally advanced, but he can follow simple instructions, such as harvesting barley and running a farm. He is very loyal to George, and their relationship is described as that of a dog and its owner (more prevalently, Steinbeck describes Lennie's hands as paws) and a child and his parents.

Lennie has been in trouble with the weed before. Lennie saw a girl's soft dress and was touching her. She wanted him to stop. Panicking, Lennie held onto the dress. Then George came along and hit him on the head with a fence, and Lennie left the dress. The girl ran away and said that Lennie raped her (which he didn't). A party of men in Weed planned to kill Lennie. Both George and Lennie had to hide in an irrigation ditch. This caused Lennie and George to flee from Weed to Salinas.

Aunt Clara adopted him as a child and took care of him, meeting his additional needs. When Aunt Clara died, George was the man who was left to care for Lennie.

Because of his strength, Lennie hurts George in every way. When he is petting a live rat and it bites, he panics and presses its head to stop it. When Lennie was playing with his new cute puppy in the barn, the puppy bit Lennie, and he hit his head so hard that he died. When Lennie was touching Curly's wife's soft hair, she panicked because he was messing it up. He didn't want to get in trouble, so he covered her mouth and shook her to try to stop her from yelling. Being unaware of his strength, he shook her very hard and accidentally broke her neck and killed her. Then he went back to the bush where George and he had camped the previous night. Then, Lennie started to hallucinate about his aunt Clara. In his vision, she scolds Lennie for being such a burden on George. Just then, a big rabbit came out and insulted him. Then the hallucination died. George came to him and told him about his American dream. He told Lennie that he could do it now. Lennie was super happy. Then, George pointed Carlson's gun between the brain and the spine and shot him. Lennie died painlessly at last.



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