Summary Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck | Summary Section 1 to 6 | Major English Class 11



Summary Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck | Summary Section 1 to 6 | Major English Class 11
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Summary Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck | Summary Section 1 to 6 | Major English Class 11

Summary Of Mice and Men


Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Two friends, George Milton and Lennie Small, were on their way to seek job opportunities. They moved through the forest in search of a job. George took care of Lennie and guided him in his overall activities. He advised him not to drink the water that was not running. Lennie was quite huge in his appearance, but mentally, he had a disability. He had a dead mouse in his pocket. George scolded him for keeping that mouse. It got dark, and they planned to stay on the bank of a river near the jungle. Geroge warned Lennie not to do any bad things, as he had done earlier. George got troubled most of the time due to Lennie. George used to think that he would have a happy life, a beautiful lady, and a beautiful house if Lennie hadn't been with him. But due to his promise to Aunt Clara, George was in the business of caring for his friend Lennie. George told Lennie about their dream and task. According to him, they would earn a lot, buy land, and keep some animals like pigs, peacocks, rabbits, goats, etc.

Lennie had a habit of mostly forgetting things. George kept on reminding him of things most of the time. He advised him to come and hide in the bush if he got into trouble.


Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

George had warned Lennie not to speak any words to the boss. They reached the bunkhouse at 10 a.m. and visited the boss of the bunkhouse. The bunkhouse was a long, rectangular building. The walls were whitewashed and the floor unpainted. The boss asked about their job experiences. George answered all the questions and didn't allow Lennie to speak. Curley knocked on Lennie as he was walking. Everybody was frightened of Curley in the bunkhouse. He recently married a fashionable lady. People criticised her as a tart woman.

George warned Lennie not to watch that woman. Slim entered the farm and introduced himself to Lennie and Geroge. His dog had gotten some puppies.


Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

George and Slim talked about the nature of Lennie. Once, he jumped into the river due to his forgetfulness. Aunt Clara had told George to care for Lennie. While working on a weed, Lennie created the problem. Due to that problem, both of them fled from that place. Lennie messed up with a woman. He tried to touch her red silk clothes because he was fascinated by the soft things. But the woman accused him of raping her.

Lennie was playing with the puppies of Slim's dog. Lennie came into the room, hiding the puppies in his clothes. George scolded him. Carlson took his gun and shot the old and feeble dog of Candy. Candy compared himself to an old dog. Whit talked about the nature of Curley's wife. Curley entered to search for his wife. Curley didn't find Slim in the room and suspected the relationship between his wife and Silm. Lennie wanted to hear again about their dream. George didn't have any interest in that dream. Candy passionately paid attention to their plan. George told me about their plan.

                  THEIR PLAN 

George explained that their land would be ten acres, they would have a windmill, chickens would run, a kitchen, an orchard, cherries, apples, peaches, nuts, and a few berries. They would kill the pig, smoke the bacon and hams, make sausage, and the like. They would have caught a hundred salmons (fish) and smoked them. When the fruit would come, they could can them. Every Sunday, they would kill a chicken or a rabbit. They would have some cows or goats, and from them, they would make cream and have it with a spoon. They would have vegetables in the garden and a little whisky. They would have a little house with a little fat iron stove, and in the winter they would keep a fire going in it. They would have plenty of rabbits to eat and sell. They would keep a few pigeons from flying around the windmill. They would have a setter dog and a couple of stripe cats.

Candy got ready to join in with their plan. He had saved six hundred bucks. Slim, Curley, Carlson, and Whit entered the room where Candy, George, and Lennie were talking about their plan. Slim threatened Curley not to follow and bother him but rather to keep his wife with him all the time. Slim didn't have any interest in one's wife. At that time, Lennie remembered his dream plan and accidentally laughed. Curley got furious and started hitting Lennie. Lennie grabbed his fist tightly with his big paws and crushed his hand. Slim settled the conflict.


Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

It is about negro Crooks, his feelings, and loneliness. Lennie reached into Crooks' room to search for a puppy. Crooks interrupted Lennie in the matter of taking pups. Crooks and Lennie had a conversation. Lennie told him about his dream of owning a farm. Crooks started prodding Lennie, asking him various pessimistic questions. He bored Lennie with his pessimistic answers. According to him, their dream of owning a farm won't come true. He even adds that if George gets hurt, he might not come. The dialogue between Crooks made Lennie feel upset. He became quite angry with Crooks. When Crooks realised danger from Lennie, he started keeping Lennie calm gently with his answers.

Candy also went there with his pencil and paper. Curley's wife also reached there to search for her husband. They didn't allow her to remain there any longer. George came and started to search for Lennie. He scolded Candy for not keeping their plan secret.


Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

There was a pile high with new hay. Lennie had killed a puppy as it was trying to bite him. Lennie was quite worried about the dead puppy. Curley's wife came there and started to talk. She expressed her dream. She wanted to become a movie star. She explained about Riverside Dance Palace. She praised Lenny for being a big baby. She allowed Lennie to touch her hair. Lennie unconsciously killed her. The noise came, and Lennie escaped from the bunkhouse. Candy came there to show the sketch of their plan. He told George to buy land in the company of both. George thought they wouldn't hurt Lennie. George went to his room and was told to leave after the arrival of other workers. All the workers entered the bunkhouse and found the dead body of Curley's wife. They started to search for Lennie. He had already left the bunkhouse.


Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

It was early evening. Lennie went to the place where George had suggested he hide in times of trouble. Lennie hid in the bush and waited for George. He was quite afraid of thinking about George. "George's going to give me hell," he told himself. He told himself that he would go to the mountain and remain in a cave. In his vision, a woman appeared (Aunt Clara). She scolded him for giving trouble to George. There was a rabbit in his vision who told him that George would beat him the hell out and leave him alone. George went there, and Lennie asked him if he would kill him. George tried to explain their plan for their own land. Lennie forgot all the things and enjoyed the words of George.

The noise became so loud and sharp. Then George took out his gun and shot him back in the head. All came there, and George explained that Lennie was with Carlson's gun. George and Slim left the place and went to drink.



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